Meet Antonini brand and its Extraordinaire, unique pieces.

Extraordinaire, it is an haute couture jewellery line of unique jewellery designs and new masterpieces for the people who choose to stand out from out-of-ordinary. It is an ad hoc design specialised to enhance the beauty and brightness of each stone, it is an innovation of engineering the jewel work that's set to shape sophisticated creations. Those creations that bring life to rare, variety stones, diamonds, golds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and rubies, whose shape and colours are always full of surprises. It is jewellery made in heaven, it is ANTONINI'S top quality craftsmanship

Thetys cuff, Extraordinaire collection

ANTONINI trading unique diamonds and superb gemstones founded in Milan, Italy in 1919. The brand immediately becomes one of the 'must have' of the Italian sophisticated aristocracy. The jewels made exclusively in Milan, Italy to mirror city's design and fashion trend-setter and its jewellery-making tradition. The family business has been taken to the next level in 1989 when the third generation Sergio Antonini, who has graduated from the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan and then the Gemological Institute of America, NY. He has translated his view into the jwellery design and started of his high-end stylish jewellery designing by reinterpreting tradition with new design. In 1996 ANTONINI wins the “Diamond International Award”, the most famous award in the jewel-making industry.

Sergio Antonini still serves as the creative director of this extraordinaire brand by creating unique collections and he became world recognised for his astonishing work among A list celebrities. The stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and Taylor Swift wear Antonini on the red carpet.

“I was trying to enhance the preciousness of the diamond setting while keeping it very light and geometric. It took some time to achieve before I was satisfied by the result, but it was worth it. “says Sergio Antonini, “I feel that clean, streamlined shapes are now coming back in fashion