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Victoria Amazonica (aka the Water Lily) was named after the queen Victoria, for the same reasons Misahara was inspired to design this piece – for its lush beauty and grace, seamlessly fusing extraordinary colored gemstones, artistic ingenuity and exceptional craftsmanship. The Water Lily Ring features a Gemfields Zambian pear-cut emerald center stone, adorned with a slightly oxidized diamond halo set in 18k yellow gold.

4ct Gemfields emerald, .46ct white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.

Water Lily Ring

  • Misahara’s determination to preserve Nature and its enchanting beauty is not only reflected in our designs, but more so in the constant pursuit to ensure that all of our precious stones are responsibly sourced. Gemfields has been Misahara’s partner for years and they are known for working with local communities, governments and conservation NGOs to ensure every gemstone sold supports health, education and livelihood initiatives, minimizes effects on our environment and protects Africa’s biodiversity.

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