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Details: 18 Karat White Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Green Chalcedony. ZEEMOU ZENG carefully selects each of our collection gemstones. As they are natural, the colour may vary from one creation to another.

H:40mm, W:14mm

This beautifully crafted pair of earrings features hand selected Lapis Lazuli, Green Chalcedony beads set in 18k White Gold. The gems are chosen for their quality and colour to best echo those hues in Claude Monet's painting ‘Nymphéas Bleus (Blue Water-Lilies)’. This painting hangs in The Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

The Impressionists – is a joyful celebration of the beauty of light dancing over vibrant, natural colours.

The Impressionist artists, such as Monet, Renoir, Seurat and Manet, broke the rules with their freedom of technique, use of bright colours and bold brushstrokes, to best capture the movement and transient effect of sunlight and colour. Inspired by their work, award winning designer Zeemou Zeng cleverly selects gemstones for this new collection that echo the Impressionists’ colour palette. He crafts the shapes and textures in white and yellow gold with carefully considered geometric precision and then finally adds his own signature master stroke, movement. As the beautiful stones shift and slide they mimic the transient movement of light, colour and texture, completing the picture.

Created in the spirit of Impressionism, these intricately crafted pieces are a statement of confidence, hope, freedom and joy. Designed as talismans, they are a reminder of the joy to be found in the pursuit and realisation of the dream. 

The Impressionists Dangle Earring-"Ultramarine I" inspired by Blue Water Lilies

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    ZEEMOU ZENG is an innovative, premium and cutting-edge designer jewellery brand. Founded by Zeemou Zeng in 2017, the eponymous label specialises in distinctive contemporary fine jewellery and modern luxury crystal.

    Each of ZEEMOU ZENG’s fine jewellery pieces are inspired by the values of personal freedom and independence.  A ZEEMOU ZENG jewel offers far more than an opportunity to express your personal style. It’s also a talisman, connecting the wearer to their own free-spirit and hidden depths - a truly unique and unforgettable treasure.

    ZEEMOU ZENG mixes the traditional with the modern to create directional pieces that have a chic-androgynous aesthetic. The hallmark of a ZEEMOU ZENG piece is the playful movement of gemstones as can be seen in both the Melody and Eye collections.

    Studying interior design and architecture in China, Zeng’s natural curiosity awoke to crystal, ceramics, porcelain and precious metals alongside an innate  desire to create jewellery. This fascination  brought Zeemou to the UK where he went on to complete an MA course in Designer Making / Jewellery Design at University of the Arts London (UAL, Camberwell College of Arts).  Later, Zeemou was selected for the Royal College of Art 'Innovation incubator' where he further developed the vision for his own jewellery collection and label. The breadth of Zeng’s design studies greatly influenced the way he approaches design, resulting in unprecedented  and often surprising creations.

    Instantly recognised by the industry as an outstanding talent to be watched, ZEEMOU ZENG won:

    • IJL(International Jewellery London) Bright Young Gems in 2018.

    • Gold Award in the category of Fine Jewellery Boodles Award, at the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards, known as the UK ‘Jewellery Oscars’, 2019.

    • Nominee for Young Jewellery Designer of the Year, UK Jewellery Awards 2019.

    • Gold Award in the category of Production Jewellery, and Silver Award in the category of Precious Jewellery at the GC&DC Awards 2020.

    • Zeemou named “Young Jewellery Designer of the Year 2020”, UK Jewellery Awards.

    It is unquestionably an outstanding achievement to be so recognised by the industry as a fine jewellery new talent.

    With a unique take on shapes, materials, texture and - his all-important signature - movement, ZEEMOU ZENG aims to be a fresh voice in the fine jewellery world.  With continual vision and ingenuity, an independent spirit and his chic style, the ZEEMOU ZENG jewellery collection appeals to both men and women. 

    The Melody collection combines perfect spheres of pearl, amethyst, green chalcedony and onyx that roll within their setting. When held to the ear, each piece creates a unique chime distinctive to its material. 

    The Eye Collection - an all seeing, all understanding eyeball roves the world with a  juxtaposition of gems as the eye rolls. One moment an emerald stares ahead, the next a diamond set in onyx and 18ct gold blinks into view. Eyes return as earrings, necklaces and rings in pearl, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow diamond and kyanite set in yellow, rose or white gold. A good look can easily turn into a dreamy stare with ZEEMOU ZENG’s eye-catching Eye Collection.

    Zeemou Zeng’s far-reaching imagination and objective observation as an interior artist meant that a luxury crystal collection made perfect sense.  Inspired by the cut of gemstones, Zeemou Zeng designed a set of crystal glasses that mirrors actual gemstone and diamond cutting techniques. Today, this luxury homeware collection is a key part of the ZEEMOU ZENG DNA.

    ZEEMOU ZENG offers a fresh and distinctive take on jewellery and crystal through its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, and its independent spirit. ZEEMOU ZENG has ambitions to grow and become a global lifestyle brand, epitomising all that is innovative, chic and stylish.

    ‘I lived away from my parents from an early age, which made me independent, self-reliant and free-spirited.  Deep rooted in my heart is a natural curiosity to explore the world and seek out adventure.’ – Zeemou Zeng

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