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Nexus is an interactive collection that focuses on the artistic bond between the creator and the wearer; an invitation to become part of the design process and express individuality through fine jewellery. Whilst the creator forms the shapes and aesthetic of the individual jewelry, it is up to the wearer to fashion how each unique piece is adapted to suit their taste, character and style.
Nexus is a galaxy of mini collections, where each piece is interchangeable with the next, allowing the wearer to layer the pieces or adjust them to upgrade heritage jewelry, providing a versatile and fluid selection of fine adornments to suit every occasion.
The collection is inspired by the shapes, volumes and textures found in
architecture, furniture design and art objects, that are translated into sumptuous jewelry.


18K yellow gold, sapphire approx. 0.18cts
19x6.7x22, approx. 12.3g

NEX3004S2 (two stone-set backs) - Totems

  • Handling Time: 7 business days

Jewellery Pursuer
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