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Each MONUMENTA piece is Hand-crafted & Made in Italy

Tanzanite and Sapphire Ring from Monumenta collection

Ring crafted in Titanium

119 handset stones: Sapphires 1.83 ct., White Diamonds 0.12 ct., Tanzanite cabochon 2.25 ct.


Monumenta Tanzanite and Sapphire Ring

SKU: 01
  • Inspired by a broad and eclectic mix of influences, from fine art and ballet to architecture and geometry, Louiza Leclercq creates wearable sculptures for extraordinary women.

    Louiza was born in Krasnodar, Russia. She’s lived and worked all over the world, including Russia, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the latter being where she discovered her passion for jewellery.

    In Hong Kong, she met a jeweller selling Columbian emeralds; it was through this connection that her fascination with gemstones grew, and she developed an affinity with the intriguing science behind them.

    Louiza went on to complete a gemological degree at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, or Gem-A, London; where she transformed what had started as a burgeoning interest, into the solid base of knowledge that would define her brand.

    With her background in finance and her experience at Gem-A, Louiza continued to develop her research, until she had a refined ideal; a brand that could reach a broad spectrum of women, with pieces that would be cherished for generations. Elegant, dynamic jewellery for modern women.

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