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  Interlocking Geometry
The Interlocking Geometry Collection, as the name implies,
is a praise to geometrical shapes, that fit together to create a symphony of
interlocking figures.
The fine wire-like outlines gracefully create a balance between
solid and empty spaces which adds a delicate aesthetic to the pieces.
The designs in the collection range from elegant everyday
small luxury pieces to large intricate statement jewellery in which the power
of unity is portrayed; fine lines are braided together to become a rigid yet
fine structure.
All the designs are made in 18 karat gold set with diamonds and “The Big Three”gemstones, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, to pay a tribute to the iconic “Tutti Fruitti” jewellery style, which is reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

Rubies 0.20cts, diamonds 0.01cts 

17x18mm motif, 450mm chain, approx. 2.3g

Interlocking Geometry Collection


  • Shipping Fee: €30, FREE for purchases over €1,500.

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