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The most iconic creation features the power of the Golden Serpent – symbolizing transformation rebirth, creativity, fertility, and hope for a better tomorrow. This signature design interprets the serpent’s skin texture in a rich gold finish that glistens as it catches and reflects light. The latest addition to this collection features the Kenyan Tsavorite, the most sought-after in the new wave of rare gems.

On the photo - our exclusive, unique and one of a kind ring with the snake made of matte yellow gold with intense green tsavorite. 

This ring will look amazing with your casual outfit and on the red carpet either. 

It is ready to become yours


The ring details:

Central stone - certified Tsavorite - Vivid Green colour, Kenyan origin, 

cushion shape, 2,54 carat, transparent and eye-clean, 100% natural

Gold - 7 grams 

18 Karat Matte Yellow Gold (We can use 14 Karat Gold also if you prefer)

This ring is available. The ring size - 4,75

Free delivery


If you don't like tsavorite or you would like to make such ring with the same design but with different stones pls contact us. We will provide you other options. In this case the budget for the ring could be changed


  • Established in 2016, the brand D&A Style is synonymous with their founders Daria and Anna, two sisters sharing a common vision and passion, and living them audaciously. The dynamic pair have been in the jewellery business for more than 12 years and source the world’s finest gems for their private clientele collections. The main idea of the jewellery by D&A - the natural beauty of the gem enhanced by design. Bright and rare stones, simple elegance, nobility and style. In all collections, you could see bright and rare gemstones. Fine jewellery collections are ready to share your everyday emotions and be your talismans and final touches to your casual outfits. High jewellery collections are ideal for The red carpet and events. They will be with you in the best moments of your life and will help you to feel unique, noble and unforgettable. All jewellery items from these collections are not just beautiful pieces of art - they could be investments either cause they are created with the rarest top grade gemstones and diamonds from all over the world. Haute couture collections - limited one of a kind jewellery pieces that are created with the rarest gemstones that deserve to be sold on the auctions and craftsmanship by the best jewellers. All the jewellery could be purchased online and offline in our pop-up store in Singapore.

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