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18 K yellow gold ring set

with colourless diamonds

and Opal.

Gold weight: 7.95 grams

Diamond weight: 0.22ct

Opal: 12.73 ct

CACHET 18K Yellow Gold Ring

  • Obari was established in 2012 by gemologist and jewellery designer Danah Alfayez, G.G., AJP.  While working for eSKay jewellery, the designer created custom-made pieces for clients. The positive feedback she received encouraged Alfayez to take advantage of this window of opportunity and a brand with distinctive and innovative designs was born. Obari’s ultimate aim is to furnish for its clientele unique, timeless and inimitable pieces well worth the investment combining in-depth knowledge of gemstones, their characteristics and quality with an unmatched flair for design.

Jewellery Pursuer
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