Wallace Chan: Exclusive interview with the world-famous jewellery designer


Born in Fuzhou, China in 1956, Chan at the age of 5 has moved to Hong Kong. He was 13 when he left school to support his family. He became an apprentice sculptor at the age of 16 and set up his own sculpting workshop. In 1973 Chan began as a gemstone carver and then became a painter, sculptor, monk, jewellery creator, and innovator. Wallace Chan jewellery is the realisation of his dream, not just adornment. Chan's gemstones are his language, through them, he tells his stories, translates the messages of our universe, it is a carrier of his heritage and reflection of times. Light is of the utmost importance when it comes to gemstones. He follows the light, uses carving and the gemstone setting to enough light in a dialogue to reveal details, secrets and possibilities for his colourful, sensual jewels. His creation of one-of-a-kind pieces define today’s spirit and transcend the boundaries of contemporary jewellery.

Curiosity and thirst for knowledge has led Chan to create numerous innovations, like The Wallace Cut (an illusionary three-dimensional carving technique invented in 1987), the mastery of titanium in jewellery making, a patented jadeite luminosity-enhancing technology, the invention of elaborate gemstone settings without metal claws, and most recently, The Wallace Chan

Porcelain, a material five times stronger than steel. He says innovation is often a long process. It took him eight years to master the use of titanium and seven years to develop The Wallace Chan Porcelain. The biggest reward, however, he says, is seeing the creations come alive. What's next for Wallace Chan in creation?!