The House of Gilan: Debuts its new Sunset On The Bosphorus Collection.

The House of Gilan has been evolving, innovating and collaborating in fine jewellery and objets d’art dating back to the 18th century, in Kosovo where the idea first was born.

In 1980, brothers Muharrem and Ferhan Geylan began their search for luxury in a tiny jewellery store, later moving to Istanbul where Gilan flourished as a renowned luxury jewellery house; creating exceptional pieces for strong, independent women of the 21st century.

Today Gilan is considered to be a world's renowned luxury jewellery house, influencing and transforming the arts, culture, design, innovation and high-end luxury jewellery. The house is inspired by the vibrant spirit of Istanbul, a cultural hub where east meets west and where the past flows into the future. The city with the history of 8500 years, whose glory and elegance is spellbinding, and was the centre part to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, plays a key role in The House of Gilan's designs.

Gilan's primary passion for jewellery making tradition with modern design elements interprets Istanbul into its making. Each Gilan creation is inspired by İstanbul, and the house produces one-of-a-kind pieces only.

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