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The Art of Traditional Chain Making and Endless Love - Make This Holiday Season Just Perfect!

IsabelleFa is more than a jewellery line – it's a way for women to share and create their stories. An extension and expression of their style and personality, and a way of celebrating both defining moments and the simple beauty of everyday. Delicate and modern, excitingly chunky with luxurious feel, sexy but uncompromisingly elegant, IsabelleFa’s everyday pieces are significant enough to be worn alone but delicate enough to wear layered together.

IsabelleFa is an extraordinary brand guided by the timeless styles of Eisingen, Germany and originated in a small goldsmith's workshop where Emil Mössner founded in 1955. He specialised in the manufacture of gold chains with a dedication to handcrafted jewellery and expanded the small workshop into a goldsmith's atelier. A family business with heart, son Hans-Georg Mössner and his wife Isabelle Mössner, also inspired by their love and passion of time-honoured jewellery-making traditions, individual designs and master craftsmanship practiced at the manufactory in Eisingen, dedicated themselves to the preservation and continuation of this precious expertise. Inspired by Isabelle and her maiden name "Fagnoul", this is how the brand IsabelleFa and its artisan collective was established in 1987.

Together, the two goldsmiths realised their potential gift with the strengths of traditional artisanship to create personal, classic, plain and distinctive pieces that are at the same time versatile, fluid, and made to be enjoyed. Effortless, unique, bold and playful are the keywords that come up time and again in describing the IsabelleFa universe, each handmade piece is designed for women who appreciate simplicity but demand luxury– just as she does.

They are committed to sustainable luxury business practices, and the beauty of Maîtres Chaînistes – Masters of traditional chain making handcrafted in many work steps by chain-makers with old know-how, traditional techniques, emotions and passion for the meticulous attention to detail, elevated goldsmithing and devotion to perfection, which inform every single piece of the collection. Dedication to heritage artistry not only defines the IsabelleFa legacy, it retains artisan goldsmiths that craft jewellery through meditative, chain-weaving, hand-hammering and carving art which is almost forgotten nowadays and machines will never understand.

‹3#‹3‹They pride themselves on the value of authenticity, quality and longevity, the appreciation of the finest details and the love for craftsmanship; it is the soul of community that makes each piece of only a few hundred chains, coll####and bangles created in a year truly one of a kind - no comparison to industrial mass production.

Since inception, the family run company has been deeply rooted in the essential values of artisanship, and sustainability - uses only recycled gold & platinum and works with Germany’s most sustainable refinery. All gemstones come from responsible and certified sources.

Timeless design enables IsabelleFa to set its uniques seal epitomising its expertise and Masters of traditional chain making art! Each of Isabelle and Hans-Georg Mössner distinctive chainlink collections, voluminous curb chain bracelets, as well as necklaces and bracelets convey timeless and precious heirlooms that capture the spirit of the on-the-go woman, and honour the transmission of creative energy from the artist to the wearer, concentrating solely on emphasising large, highly polished and matte surfaces of gold and platinum. These are works created to be lived in and with, made with the finest materials by the most talented artisans.



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