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The Amanqi Showroom at the Paris Fashion Week-All Set to Wow Jewellery Lovers

The Fall-Winter edition of Paris Fashion Week is less than a week away and already there is a palpable buzz of excitement and anticipation. Paris Fashion week is an exciting event in the calendars of designers, fashion editors and celebrities alike. Starting at the end of September, next week's event promises new trends, designer shows and cutting edge street styles, all wrapped in the glamourous environs of Paris.

This year, for the first time Amanqi PR Consultancy will be hosting The Amanqi Showroom at the Paris Fashion week. The showroom will run from September 27th through October 1st at the Hotel National des Arts at Métiers, 243 Rue St. Martins Paris, and will throw a spotlight on a slew of very exciting fine and demi-fine jewellery designers.


Obari was established in 2012 by gemmologist and jewellery designer Danah Alfayez, G.G. and AJP. With an aim to creating unique and timeless jewellery pieces that combine innovative designs and beautiful gemstones, Obari has made its mark on the international jewellery world. In addition, Danah’s commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly jewellery practices makes Obari a very sustainable fine jewellery brand.

Jewellery Pieces by Obari

Mas Jewels

The founders of Mas Jewels, Fatma Husam and Noura Sarraj, want to create more than just jewellery-they want their jewellery pieces to be expressions of identity and symbols of strength, grace and resilience. Every piece of jewellery crafted by Mas Jewels has a story to tell. Be it their Hayma collection, which pays homage to the vast desert of the Arabian Peninsula, or their Sidra Collection, which finds inspiration in the Sidra tree, that grows in the harshest of climates but can still be a beautiful sight to behold, Mas Jewels craft pieces that resonate with us at a visceral level. In addition, Mas Jewels celebrates women and supports their aspirations for empowerment.

Jewellery Pieces by Mas Jewels

Jwaher Jewels

Jwaher Jewels is a KSA based fine jewellery brand that checks all the boxes for sleek, chic and contemporary jewellery. The inspiration for their jewels comes from traditional Saudi cultural references, but the jewellery designs are modern and striking. Proudly crafted in KSA, this jewellery brand promises a young energy, and their fine jewellery pieces can work just as well stand alone or as stackable adornments.

Jewellery Pieces by Jwaher Jewels

Syd & Pia

Syd + Pia is an Afro-Latina jewellery brand, based out of Bronx, New York. This demi-fine brand specializes in jewellery crafted from brass, bronze, sterling-silver plated in 14K gold with gold-filled components. Syd +Pia’s jewellery designs are inspired by the designer’s Latin heritage and have a distinct unisex appeal. As one of the few jewellery brands owned by a BIPOC female jewellery designer (who is an Afro-Latina herself), Syd + Pia, is leading the way in making fine and demi-fine jewellery brands in the US more inclusive.

Jewellery pieces by Syd+Pia

By Sarah

By Sarah finds talented jewellery designer Sarah at its helm. Sarah, founder and creative director at eSKAY Jewellery, has loved fine jewellery since forever but her passion for design was fostered when she worked alongside renowned goldsmiths and setters. Stepping into the world of jewellery design, Sarah found herself gravitating towards traditional artistry modulated by contemporary elements. Sarah finds inspiration in fine and detailed craftsmanship, unique gemstones and skilled metalsmithing.

Jewellery Pieces by Sarah

Meher Jewellery

Meher Jewellery is a Dubai based fine jewellery brand and is named after jewellery designer Meher Iqbal. As a fine jewellery brand, it espouses personalization as an essential guiding principle. Every Meher Jewellery piece is exclusive. Crafted in 18K gold with precious and semiprecious gemstones, each piece stands as a jewelled representation of the aesthetic of the wearer-unique and special. handcrafted meticulously in Dubai, at Meher Jewellery, jewellery creation is an emotive process and the jeweller and the wearer equal partners in this creative journey.

Jewellery Pieces by Meher Jewellery

Klaudnya Rzad

Klaudnya Rzad is jewellery designer Klaudnya Rzad’s eponymous fine jewellery brand, where the design focus is on simple, pure forms to create jewellery pieces that are timeless and unisex. Combining Italian craftsmanship with exquisite materials, all Klaudnya Rzad pieces are statement jewels. Additionally, the brand is dedicated to morally and ethically crafted jewellery, in line with Italy’s strict manufacturing regulations. When you purchase a Klaudnya Rzad jewellery piece, you can be sure that your piece maximizes the natural qualities of the gem materials, all the while being helpful to society and the environment.

Jewels by Klaudnya Rzad

Amira Karaouli

Jewellery designer Amira Karaouli is the powerhouse behind fine jewellery brand, Amira Karaouli. Based out of Paris and Dubai, but still very much connected to her Tunisian roots, Amira designs jewels that have a distinct modern, Western sensibility blended with a Middle Eastern aesthetic. The jewellery brand is known for its strikingly elegant, finely detailed pieces. Many Amira Karaouli jewellery pieces can be worn on their own or better yet, stacked together. In each case, these are jewels that cannot be ignored.

Jewellery Pieces by Amira Karaouli

With such a diverse and eclectic selection of fine and demi-fine jewellery brands represented at The Amanqi Showroom during Paris Fashion Week, it’s no wonder jewellery lovers are lining up to get their appointment set before its too late. Happy Viewing!

Featured Image: Obari Diamond and Gold Earrings


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