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Savolinna Jewellery: This “It” jewellery label of the moment – needs to be on your radar.

A Dubai-based up-and-coming designer, Hessa Al Shafar cultivated her passion for fine jewellery after gaining a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations, and upon undertaking a Diploma in Jewellery Design and Gemology from the IGI - International Gemological Institute, set up her brainchild, Savolinna Fine Jewellery brand by combining her entrepreneurial skills with creative management and designing her line of bold, contemporary, talisman-like jewellery in 2017. Since then, this talent has created contemporary fine and fashion jewellery collections that are driven by the brand’s inclusive ethos, and which invite individuals to explore and embrace their individuality in fresh and creative ways. Using a combination of traditional craftmanship and modern techniques, the geometric shapes of Savolinna’s precious metal designs are inspired by sources as diverse as everyday objects, family, friends, subcultures, life moments and nature.

Scala Fan Earrings “Back to the front” fan shape earrings in 18k Gold, with black rhodium plating, Zambian Emeralds and Diamonds. Complete with a post closure screw and a clip.

In a world which is forever turning, constantly moving and always changing, we find solace in the timeless rhythms of mother nature. This said, the brand named after the remarkable lakeside town of Savolinna in Finland. Hessa’s emotional connection to the area was forged after her parents perfect honeymoon there inspired childhood nickname - called the Pearl of Lake Shaima! Endlessly inspired by this striking lakeside town, Savolinna, Hessa Al Shafar finds inspiration in the most intricate details, colours and enduring beauty of the natural world, which is echoed through her unique pieces crafted exclusively.

The beauty of Savolinna lies not only in the brand's design aesthetic - which takes simply elegant, contemporary everyday pieces and adds just a bit of boldness! Savolinna’s latest fine jewellery lines, which I’m already huge fan of her eye for shapes and details from lotus-shaped bracelets to floating rings that are both bold and delicate, the jewel creator, Hessa Al Shafar’s creations are intriguing and thoughtful, exemplifying the promise of this exciting new designer. She creates pieces that turn heads by focusing on compositions of abstract and geometric shapes that feel modern, working with layers of precious materials intertwined with diamonds, emeralds, her collections drape over the skin and follow the movement of the body.

Mix of collections, A2Z, Coins&Lockets and Bespoke collection, Savolina

Hessa’s childhood curiosity was spent rummaging through her mother’s jewellery box and falling in love with many attractive colours, more for Emerald which is mostly reflected in her collections - “My mother’s jewelry box was my favorite “playground”. I remember well the sparkles, the attractive colors and the Emeralds of course, I believe the attraction was inherited by my Mother” she remembers!

Emeralds and Bespoke collection, in 18k gold, plated with black rhodium with Zambian Emeralds set with Trillion Cut Diamonds and Brilliant Cut Zambian Emeralds, Savolinna

Deeply embedded in each of Hessa’s jewels is a sense of play, of energy, and of sleek, minimalist, clean-lined beauty with bold designs, adding more color into her work, which has worked to only increase the desirability of Savolinna’s gorgeous pieces: rings, bracelets, curated ear cuffs, shoulder-dusting earrings, and cocktail rings. Hessa’s mission is to create jewellery that will make every woman look and feel uniquely beautiful. Mission accomplished!


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