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High Jewellery Earrings that Slayed at the Red, Carpet Cannes Film Festival 2021

With a glamour-parched year that was 2020, this past month’s Festival de Cannes was just what jewellery lovers had been hankering for. The festival red carpet looks ranged from bold and surprising to chic and elegant. However, the one thing common among all the celebrities and stars attending the film festival was the unadulterated beauty of the jewels worn at every event.

Like the past seventy-three gatherings of the top talent on the international film and movie scene, the 74th Festival de Cannes had some fabulous jewellery moments. While many stars shone with their statement necklaces, my eyes were glued to the red carpet ear-bling. Such a luxurious and fascinating variety of ear adornments is rarely seen in one place, other than at Cannes!


It was everywhere and nobody was complaining. Showcasing a delicious range of earrings, Chopard, in my opinion, stood out as jeweller of the stars at Cannes 2021. From Jessica Chastain's drop dead gorgeous shoulder dusters to Maggie Gyllenhal's diamond ear hoops, Chopard's earring game was on point.

Jessica Chastain wearing Chopard earrings
Bella Haddid in Chopard Diamond Earrings
Izabel Goulart in Chopard Diamond Hoop Earrings
Indian Model Nidhi Sunil in Chopard Earrings
Maggie Gyllenhal in Chopard Hoop Earrings

Noel Capri Berry in Chopard Drop earrings


Not to be left behind was Gucci, and Jodie Turner Smith was certainly turning heads with her the red carpet Gucci jewels. The face of Gucci's latest high jewellery collection, Jodie's choice of jewellery pieces for every occasion was nothing short of spectacular but her diamond and gold floral ear cuff left a strong impression.

Jodie Turner Smith in Gucci High Jewellery


Equally as beautiful were the earrings by Boucheron. With the Maison's Holographique high jewellery collection launched so recently, it was exciting to see several celebrities wearing those mesmerizing and eye catching jewels.

Camille Cottin in Boucheron

In some cases it was interesting to see two different celebrities wearing the same piece and how the overall look of the jewel changed with the wearer.

Selma Hayek in Boucheron Ear Cuff
Nicholas Maury in Boucheron Ear Cuff

Softly romantic on Selma Hayek, bold and statement on Nicholas Maury, Boucheron's ocean inspired Holographique Ear Cuff certainly made waves at Cannes. Who wore it better, that I leave to you to decide ;)


Mélanie Laurent looked sublime in a pair of Cartier Tutti Frutti Earrings from their latest high jewellery collection. An homage to Maison's heritage and those exquisite "Tutti Frutti" Cartier Art Deco pieces, the earrings showcased carved sapphires and emeralds and deeply hued rubies, all in a platinum setting. Absolutely stunning!

Mélanie Laurent in Cartier Tutti Frutti Earrings

Lydia Courteille

Nicole Kidman, the queen of cool, showed us how its done in Lydia Courteille's diamond and cultured pearl Bunny earrings. A little whimsy, a lot of charm, her look was unique, stylish and joyously playful.

Nicole Kidman in Lydia Courteille Bunny Earrings


Chanel and Marion Cottillard stayed faithful to one another and this pairing dazzled, although nothing unexpected there. In a summery blue denim dress or a one-shoulder haute couture evening gown , Marion in Chanel's high jewellery earrings was the embodiment of chic.

Marion Cottillard in Chanel Sillage Diamond Earrings
Marion Cottillard in Chanel's Beryl and Diamond Earrings

Chaumet and Bulgari

Both Chaumet and Bulgari had a strong presence at Cannes with their jewels. Their pieces represented, in the best way possible, the DNA of each Maison. Diane Kruger in Chaumet's very delicate Nuages d’Or earrings sparkled while Ester Expósito in a pair of Bulgari emerald fringe earrings looked as lovely as ever.


Saving one of my personal favourites for last, Paz Vega in Messika's Voltige Equalizer high jewellery earrings, really lit up the red carpet. These earrings were all about edgy style and a statement look and with Paz's all black outfit, they looked superb.

Paz Vega in Messika Voltige Equalizer Diamond Earrings

The Festival de Cannes 2021 proved unequivocally that it's as much about haute joaillerie as it is about haute couture. With so many new high jewellery pieces to be seen at each and every event, to jewellery lovers, at least, this festival was a resounding success.


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