Frédéric Mané: Talk with French jewellery and luxury goods designer and get to know the designer

Frédéric Mané is a French jewellery and luxury goods designer and a gouache artist who has found popularity among the international brands. He believes that “Gouache paintings are the CHERRY ON THE CAKE! It’s a piece of art in its own way, but two important points need to be considered by the jewellery design. First, it is a technical map for the factory and second a gouache painting offering a huge emotion for the customer.”

Jewellery Pursuer interviewed Mané to get to know his inspiration, his journey in the jewellery field, and renowned gouache work.

Portrait of Frédéric Mané

Jewellery Pursuer: Please share your jewellery journey with us and tell us more about your jewellery designing.

Frédéric Mané: I can create a minimalist or outstanding piece, ultra-baroque, or very modern. I am a kind of chameleon, but I always have my DNA and roots lighting my inspirations. When I was 18 years old, I decided to move to Paris to study design, and I promptly understood that jewellery and objets d’arts were my destiny. I learned quickly at the Haute École de Joaillerie, where I studied jewellery painting techniques. Shortly after my studies, I was hired as a head designer for Mathon Paris and worked there for six years. It is a family atelier that works for Place Vendôme brands, as well as producing its own creations. Each morning I visit my workshop partners around Place Vendome to check my models, afterwards I visit my clients to show my drawings; I try to end my day in my design studio, surrounded by my books and painting, searching for new ideas. For the last four years, I’ve been working as an independent designer. I have my own design studio in Paris, and I collaborate with luxury groups while maintaining a deep relationship with Parisian jewellers and international signature brands. I have a strong, broad experience in design, particularly of jeweller