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Elizabeth Gage Fine Jewellery - Artistic, Creative, Timeless

One of the most influential jewellery designers of our time, Elizabeth Gage has been creating unforgettable jewellery masterpieces for over fifty years. Often described as an artist who uses coloured gemstones, enamel and gold as her medium, Elizabeth Gage’s jewellery pieces are undeniable works of art.

The award winning, London-based jewellery designer sees jewellery crafting as much more than fashioning something artistic. For her, it is akin to creating something beautiful and rare, that will remain timeless. Elizabeth’s jewels have always been avant garde and innovative. In addition, her approach to designing fine jewellery is based on the versatility of their use. An Elizabeth Gage jewel looks just as eye catching paired with chic day wear as it does with formal, evening attire.

Elizabeth’s work is instantly recognizable and therein lies its unique appeal. Her brilliant use of colour, the sculptural quality of goldsmithing, the radiant gems, lustrous baroque pearls and ancient bronzes as well as the imaginative application of richly hued enamel define the Elizabeth Gage style. This combination of disparate yet complementary elements lends a distinctive personality to Elizabeth Gage's jewellery and makes her pieces a firm favourite among jewellery lovers and collectors everywhere.

What’s more, Elizabeth’s love of history, architecture, science and nature is evident in her different jewellery collections. From her stunning Agincourt and Templar collections to the delightful Zodiac and The Animal Kingdom pieces, Elizabeth’s fine jewellery is not just an expression of her own interests but a reflection of the interests and passions of her jewellery wearers. Boldly designed and crafted with precision, Elizabeth’s jewellery pieces are a testament to her boundless creativity and vision.

Every jewellery piece at Elizabeth Gage Fine Jewellery is handcrafted in Britain. When Elizabeth first started making jewellery, in the 1960s, she personally handcrafted each piece, having trained for six months as a goldsmith. Today, her jewellery pieces are made by jewellery craftsmen who are able to translate, with skilled expertise, Elizabeth’s exclusive and intricately detailed designs into exquisite jewels.

Elizabeth’s jewellery pieces are coveted by women and men all over the world. For many, these fine jewellery pieces are future heirlooms that they are able to enjoy wearing today. The classic yet distinctive designs of these jewellery pieces give them a special timelessness. In addition, their exceptional craftsmanship means that these jewels are just as beautiful decades later as they are when first bought.

Moreover, these jewellery pieces not only hold their value but their value is also known to appreciate over time. In 2015, Bonhams New York sold a selection of Lauren Bacall’s jewellery, which included a brooch by Elizabeth Gage the late actress had bought in 1990. This piece went on to create a stir among jewellery aficionados by selling for more than four times its presale estimate.

As a part of one’s personal jewellery collection, or as a gift to a loved one, it’s impossible to go wrong with an Elizabeth Gage jewellery piece.


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