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Chaumet: A big celebration for the reopening of 12 Vendôme.

Chaumet has reopened its doors to its historic address, the hôtel particulier at 12, place Vendôme, in the heart of this mythical Parisian place to the public on 29th February 2020 following a year-long renovation.

The Maison is celebrating its 240th anniversary this year and to celebrate this occasion Chaumet has invited its closest friends to an evening reception. The guests were able to enjoy exploring the Parisian apartment styled boutique before it was open to the public. Chaumet's boutique has been completely redesigned and combined Maison's codes with pieces of furniture specially made by a craftsman.

As expected, the Maison has presented two limited edition collection to celebrate the reopening of its hotel at 12 Place Vendome. One collection was about Maison's dearest symbols the Légende de Chaumet reversible medallions, like a host of talismans to own. And, the second collection was the Trésors d’Ailleurs High Jewellery rings dress the hand with houses from the four corners of the world. Both collections are exclusively available at 12, place Vendome.

The Légende de Chaumet reversible medallions, Chaumet.

The Trésors d’Ailleurs High Jewellery rings, Chaumet.

RÉSORS D'AILLEURS Virtuoso in their construction, the Trésors d’Ailleurs rings combine a sense of monumental splendour with delicacy in the details.


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