Alessio Boschi: Exclusive IGTV Interview with the designer and his Medusa Collection

The Medusa Collection

The first time I met Alessio Boschi, an Italian jewellery designer based in Bangkok, was in Vicenzaoro, Italy in September 2018. Before that, I can only recall hearing about his luxury jewellery pieces. Meeting Alessio face to face and hearing the story behind each of his magnificent jewellery pieces was like being in another world. He has such a humble soul and is a very kind jewellery designer that we are as a generation so lucky to have and to feel inspired by the jewellery he creates. I remember I was lost among the jewellery collection he had displayed at the booth in Vicenzaoro. It probably took me over an hour to be able to go through each jewellery piece and I felt so in awe of his jewellery. Each piece was created with boundless imagination and executed with detailed precision. From Alessio's jewellery you could easily notice the creative process of each piece from start to finish, with a manual labour meticulous operation and the different shades of colour of the gemstones flowing mesmerisingly. You can see Alessio loves the curves, exuberant volumes, chromatic and luminist games of Roman Baroque style.

This time, it was my plan to visit Alessio again and meet him in person in Vicenzaoro but 2020 has turned out to be such a challenging year for everyone including the jewellery industry. With th