TEFAF Maastricht 2020: Wallace Chan unveiled two of his new creations to the public.

World's renowned jewellery artist Wallace Chan has returned to TEFAF Maastricht for the fifth time this year with a presentation centred around the theme of time. The 25 jewellery creations handpicked by the artist as well as two of jewellery artist's new pieces were revealed to the public at Tefaf Maastricht.

One of these two works Wallace Chan has revealed was The Snowflake​, a transformable brooch that can be worn in two different ways. The Snowflake brooch echos the notion that no two snowflakes are the same. ​Some of nature’s most exquisite designs, snowflakes seem​ to be each created and endowed with the same magnitude of creativity and individuality. In promising to remain unique, they defy their innate ephemerality and become eternal. Wallace Chan’s​ The Snowflake​ thus stands for uniqueness and transformation; it ​mirrors the snowflake’s eternal quality with the immortality of gemstones, conveys such uniqueness through the creation’s ability to rotate even when worn.

The Snowflake Brooch. Yellow Diamond 1pc 7.86 ct, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz Pink Sapphire, Green Tourmaline, The Wallace Chan Porcelain, Titanium, Wallace Chan.

The second new work that visitors discovered at TEFAF Maastricht​ was ​Windows to the Universe, a necklace and ring demi-parure made from pink sapphires and green tourmalines on a pure canvas composed of diamonds, pearls and white agate. An exemplar of the artist’s revolutionary gemstone-setting technique, the gemstones together form a ring of windows on to