Interview with Cora Sheibani: The Jewellery Designer, Creator and Author in her own words.


Born on 9th March 1980, to Bruno Bischofberger, a prominent art dealer in Switzerland, Cora Sheibani has benefited from growing up in an environment dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design. Her distinctive creations clearly demonstrate she did not follow the traditional route of art school and a goldsmith apprenticeship to get into the world of jewellery design. Cora studied art history in Florence and New York, and relocated later to London in 2001 where she enrolled at the Gemmological Institute of America in London.

Today you can view Cora's designs in her private showroom by appointment, or see her work at exhibits which have taken place in London, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, St. Moritz, Paris, Copenhagen, Miami and New York. She has also showed at Louisa Guinness, the London based dealer of artist jewellery. Four of Cora's collections have been accompanied by bounded books that showcase her creations alongside topics that inspired each collection, such as baking, gardening, photography and colouring, unlike the traditional jewellery catalogue. Cora's latest collection 'Glow' showcases gemstones that naturally fluoresce under UV light.

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Cora Sheibani Portrait