PAD2019: Neha Dani, her one-of-a-kind jeweled masterpieces to be collected, enjoyed, admired and wor

Indian jewellery designer, “Rising Star” Award winner, and also profiled in Juliet Weir de la Rochefoucauld’s book “Women Jewellery Designers”, Neha Dani has showcased her well known avant-garde luxury jewellery designs at PAD London this season. Neha Dani debuted her new series of one-of-a-kind jewels, as well as Shristi: Universe capsule collection. This series of six pieces explores the beauty and lightness of the astrological phenomena of the galaxies in outer space that speak to the energy around us that protects and nurtures us.

Neha's inspirations come from in the world around her, specially in the beauty of Nature. Neha's interpretation of Nature is however tempered, and most definitely influenced, by her own personal experiences, childhood memories, love of art and travel. While most pieces tell a story that is in direct reference to natural elements, the interpretation of such inspirations is always dramatic, romanticised, enhanced by Neha’s love of colour, passion for tridimensional art, and infused with movement and character derived from deeply seeded human emotions. Incredibly wearable art pieces are to be collected, enjoyed, admired, worn, and exalted.

I enjoyed my brief meeting with Neha and was taken away by her collection, and the story behind her whole jewellery process. Read my interview with Neha below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it. :-)

Arunima Earrings, “Gift of God” Water Opals 24.06tcw, Paraiba Tourmaline, Diamonds, Blue and Purple Sapphires, Tsavorite Garnets, titanium, 18K gold custom rhodium finished, Neha Dani