Sheila Westera: Jewellery pieces that shine bright for you this holiday season.

Shine bright this season with our favourite, Sheila Westera jewellery pieces to make this a Christmas to remember for all the right reason. As we all aware the Christmas is around the corner and that special Chrismas present happens to be your number one concern and your loved one seems to be a jewellery fan, then the search is over. With a wide range of organically sourced, unique wire-bending art pieces with coloured gemstones and handmade range of jewels to choose from, Sheila Westera jewellery pieces would be very hard to go wrong. Sheila's rings are a great idea for the most arty interested of those on your Christmas list, in the highly unlikely situation Sheila's necklaces and bracelets are the next gorgeous options.

Sheila Westera, Ring 14k gold and pearls ring.

Perfect for lovers of the unusual jewels, made with interesting or special stones enshrined in Sheila's own technique in the gold wire (above) offers chic and contemporary jewellery options perfect for fashionable young girls. Bracelets, single earrings and necklaces all string a single stone on a fine yellow, rose or white gold wired-chain alongside Sheila Westera's signature.

Sheila Westera, Ring 14k gold, semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila Westera, Conversation Pieces - semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila Westera, Arty Scenes - Wearable Art, 14k gold and semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila's passion for creating wearable art jewels in gold or silver wire shows how her style is so intricate but raw, bold with lots of personalities. Her edgy and distinct jewels’ appearances make each creation a real statement piece. Sheila’s inspiration for creating magical jewels come from many things in her unique creative world. Sheila does not just create beautiful art pieces. She finds it deep within her or from a specific stone. She wants to create organically sculptured, wearable art pieces that reflect her. Each piece finds its way through her soul, created with her hands, sculptured in an organic way, the outcome is glamorous with a rough edge.

Sheila Westera, Arty Scenes - Wearable Art, 14k gold and semi precious stone jewellery.

Sheila believes the colour or a structure of a gemstone, which attracts her with an intimate energy that she likes to infuse as the distinctive uniqueness of her jewellery. Full of movement and playing with negative space, a necklace hangs and twirls around in the brand new double waired ring (above). With all these great statement jewellery options to choose from this Christmas, you are sure to find her or indeed him, a gift that will delight.

Sheila Westera's signature jewellery pieces.