LEYLA ABDOLLAHI: Step into Her Fantasy Art World and her Trinity Collectin.

I have my own line of thoughts and approach towards designing jewellery, which, in turn, helps me to configure different designs in comparison to others. This line of thought is constantly being enhanced based on lessons learned during the journey of designing. This line of thought can be summarised on how a design can touch a person and how the wearer can connect to a particular design. There has to be an emotional response aligned to an individual’s character" . - Leyla Abdollahi.

Leyla Abdollahi, born in East and raised in West, studied for her BA at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. With fine art background Leyla Abdollahi has successfully honed her natural ability in jewellery design during her study and influenced by the Eastern and Western culture in her jewellery designs. Being influenced by two cultures certainly had its advantages when it comes to British-Iranian jewellery designer Leyla Abdollahi.

“I do not simply create jewellery, I create pieces for collectors who want something beautiful to enjoy and treasure”. - Leyla Abdollahi.

Leyla launched her 'Leyla Abdollahi' brand back in 2011 - and it became a label that is unafraid to challange conventions, explore new materials and push boundaries. Her handcrafted jewellery provokes the kind of visual pleasure that has caught.

Leyla Abdullohi states that she is inspired by – history, mythology, ancient places, dreams, fairy tales, mystical and mysterious stories drawing her inspiration from her immediate surroundings and nature. When She is inspired, the ideas start pouring in as a natural process and many times which she has no explanations for it. The ideas are just there!. Her approach to jewellery designing comes by introducing consumers to innovative designs that add another dimension to the jewellery industry, and yet sustains its attractiveness over a reasonable period of time.

Leyla Abdollahi ring.

Leyla Abdollahi, Trinity Collection, Ring, 18k white and rose gold, blue sapphire,purple sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, white diamond.