Meet Graziela Kaufman: Her Titanium Jewellery Collection and Signature Gemstones.

"Gemstones are in my blood. As a little girl, I spent countless hours with my Grandfather in Brazil looking at stones from the mines practically in our backyard and from around the world. It is because of this, I have such an admiration for the colors, rarity, and places gemstones are found. For me it is like working with the earth’s greatest gifts and the best part is sharing my pieces and teaching others just how unique and special these stones are" - Graziela Kaufman.

Graziela Kaufman

The founder and Creative Director Graziela Kaufman.

It is very hard not to notice the deep connection and passion Graziela has for the gemstones. Her beautifully designed pieces are adored and worn among many celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Mila Kunis and many more.

Her interest for the gemstones has been inherited to her by her grandfather. She grew up in Brazil learning about many of the natural resources the country has to offer. Her backyard was a ‘gemological treasure’. She has travelled to many different mining towns throughout Brazil learning about the fascinating history behind every stone that would ultimately be the inspiration for her future creations. When it comes to gemstones no one can compete with Graziela's knowledge and passion, she is one - of - kind, super intelligent and her signature gemstones play a key role in her designs. Graziela Kaufman is (GIA) certified in Colored Gems, Diamonds and Jewellery making and is part of The Contemporary Jewellery Design from the Gemological Institute of America.