World Cup 2018: Myagkov's jewelry composition "Stadium 13" - dedicated to Russia and t

The World Cup is here! It's been four long years and we're more than ready to make our way to the pubs and get involved. This year FIFA World Cup has started in Russa on 14th June and will end with the final match on 15 July 2018. This is a historical and unique event for Russia and for the world!

Dedicated to Russia and the 21st FIFA World Cup - Russian based jewellery brand MYAGKOV has unveiled its "Stadium 13" masterpiece of our time. It is a unique symbiosis from the richest culture and centuries-old history of Russia, the worship of the most cultured ball game and the finest craftsmanship of jewels put together in one creation. The move – which was the start of something very sensational and historical for the company – comes after the idea shared by the author of the project Alexander Kremer, the owner of the Mark Kremer collection named after his son. The collection – which is available for viewing and buying – is the first offering from Grigoriy MYAGKOV under Alexander Kremer's new vision, which is all about celebrating Russia's rich heritage and the FIFA World Cup. The idea was to create a private jewellery collection based on Aleksander's decision to combine his passion for sports, especially football. The jewellery creation is launched at the same time as the 2018 World Cup emerged - and the art pieces are accessible to everybody during The Wolrd Cup competition, in Russia's 11 cities from 14th June until 1st July.

"Inspired by the masters of the Renaissance, we painstakingly created a real masterpiece for many months!"- Alexander Kremer, The author of "Stadium 13".