FENG.J Haute Joaillerie: The treasured art pieces - “Chinese Aesthetics is Made in Paris.”

An avant-garde Chinese jewellery designer Feng.J is in London. Feng.J, whose love for jewellery world is so contagious and her love for the gems and jewellery world is miraculously inspiring. Feng.J is Paris based jewellery creator who dedicated herself to create one of a kind jewellery pieces with the most beautiful and precious gemstones and her signature style as her lifelong career.

"With a strong focus on exclusive design, superior craftsmanship and precious stone, I create my unique pieces of jewellery" - Jeng.J.

Feng.J Portrait

Creative Feng.J in working progress.

"As a jewellery creator, I wish I am visible by what I created." - Feng.J.

Feng.J dazzles with her individuality, she is a romantic, fanciful, sensual and full of joy to be around. Her pieces, vivid, miraculous in design and striking in colour combinations. Feng.J's renowned and exquisite creations have won her the attention of many stars, like China's first top model Liu Wen, who has worn Feng.J's 18k yellow gold rose cut diamonds earrings for Grazia magazine. Feng.J is like a composer, she can re-draft and re-design her jewellery until she has something perfect. She strives for excellence.

Le Cygne Brooch/Pendant