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These graceful and charming motifs are a classic. These timeless pieces can be worn alone or paired with other penrose pieces and perfect for the layering you need.

- Lustrous diamonds

- Necklace in 18K rose gold

- Diamonds, total carat weight 0.61

- Motif size, 8.5 x 5 mm

- Adjustable chain, 35, 37 and 39 cm


The stone weight is an approximate only. Non-contractual values. Each stone/sets of stones may vary in terms of it's/their color, inclusions and brilliance.


  • Our pieces are inspired by concepts and philosophies found in many aspects of life. From Fibonacci Sequence to the Concept of Monad. From Invisible Creatures to Arabic Geometry.  

    This Abu Dhabi brand is the first of its kind to bring out the perfect balance between creative designs and the trueness of the gemstone as we believe every stone is a protagonist in its own storytelling.

    While the brand focuses on the uniqueness of the pieces, it strives for excellence in displaying the basicity of traditional jewellery crafting and timeless designs.

    All our pieces are 18 karat gold with custom-cut gemstones that are handpicked by a team of experts and ethically sourced from various locations of the world to assure the finest quality in each stone, such as emeralds from South America and rubies from Myanmar to our very own sapphires from Sri Lanka.

    All our gold is sourced from the United Arab Emirates and manufactured locally to assure the finest finishing and the highest quality for our customers. Every design after sketching is vetted through multiple levels of expertise such as lapidary, 3D designing, functionality and durability testing, quality assurance, etc. before the final product is available to our valued customers.

Jewellery Pursuer
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