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Deepali Sawlani Fine Jewellery - A statement of self expression

Is it a passion or an enthusiasm that makes us follow our dreams and change of career or another one is a disappointment?

My conversation with Deepali Sawlani brought some lights into the question. As a jewellery blogger I am in a constant lookout for my next wonder, something of an unparalleled creation that makes me feel ecstatic, but we are quite often forget that the wonders come with undiscovered secrets or one can never think that one unscrupulous jewellery trader can be a reason for someone to change a career and begin journey in jewellery making.

Deepali Sawlani

Deepali Sawlani is the jewellery designer, gems enthusiast and the founder of 'Gardens of Dimonds'. Deepali stands out with her extraordinary portfolio management background in finance before stepping into the world of jewellery world. Deepali, already successful in a high-flying career has discovered her passion for rare and precious gemstones. Her passion led her to unknowingly purchase an uncertified diamond, for over twice its value. This was an eye opening experience for Deepali and the turning point in her life. She has enrolled in GIA (Graduate Gemmologist diploma course in California) the finest authority in diamond grading, after an advice from a Hong Kong based jewellery trader.

She wanted to gain an insight to the jewellery world and she wanted to be surrounded by her love for the dazzling gems. She wanted to forget her disappointment with the unethical behaviour of the diamond dealer and given new hope by a chance meeting with the Hong Kong business woman. After the graduation and obtaining her gemmology diploma at GIA (Carlsbad, California), she has returned to Dubai to work as an undercover CID agent, exposing unscrupulous dealers selling garnets as rubies—and worse. However, she recalls that there was something missing in this and she started seeking a new way to fulfil her passion and her dream!

Deepali Sawlani

Deepali Sawlani stepped one step forward by founding 'Simply Rocks in 2005. The concept behind founding 'Simple Rocks' was simple: to reject “one-size-fits-all” identikit jewellery in favour of pieces that celebrate the natural beauty of the gems themselves, all while providing a highly personalized touch so often missing in the modern world of jewellery. Her passion for gems and jewels did not stop just there and her move to Melbourne, came with a big realization of increasing demand for diamond solitaire jewels. She founded 'Garden of Diamonds' with one goal to source beautiful rare diamonds right from the source and to make the diamonds as memorable as the occasions they were celebrating.

Deepali Sawlani

Deepali creates a stunning collection of jewellery that showcases innovative techniques with exceptional craftsmanship in her unique designs. Her jewellery pieces are incredibly realistic and pair seamlessly with these contemporary and exquisite facets of diamonds, luxurious, bespoke pieces. She provides a customized service that celebrates the natural beauty of the gemstones and diamonds that she uses in her work.

Deepali Sawlani

Today, Deepali champions the ethical way of choosing diamonds and gemstones. She believes that the diamonds and gemstones are a natural work of art and Deepali's passion is to bring that natural beauty to her customers and clients with the best quality ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds to suit any budget. Deepali meticulously explains the characteristics of each certified diamond to her clients so they fully understand exactly what they are buying, ensuring a more satisfying diamond buying process than what she experienced in 2000. She sources from the world’s biggest sight holders, and then designs luxurious, bespoke pieces using leading international manufactures for the finishing touches.

How do you choose you gems? Do you believe in your gut feelings or an expert advice?